Speak and Be Heard

7 October 2022

‘Speak and Be Heard’ contains 101 voice and breathing exercises aimed at naturally improving your voice.

“I highly recommend Richard Di Britannia’s book, ‘Speak and Be Heard’. There are so many great tips on how to use your voice correctly, how to overcome certain vocal issues and very specific instructions on correct breathing and pronunciation. I do some coaching myself and I always recommend Richard’s book to my students. It’s very useful for anyone who uses his or her voice, especially in a professional setting.” – Susan Bennett, The Original Voice of Siri

A uniquely qualified voice coach:

After becoming mute and teaching himself how to talk again, author Richard Di Britannia became an established voice actor, audiobook narrator and voice coach, making him heard by thousands around the world.

Richard has used his vast personal experience and expertise to develop a unique system of vocal muscular exercises that strengthen your lungs, diaphragm and voice. Unlike books dedicated to tongue twisters or reciting long speeches, ‘Speak and Be Heard’ is even suitable for those with complex vocal issues.

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