You’ve heard of IQ, but what’s your VQ?

17 March 2023

You Might Not Care About Your IQ, But What About Your VQ? As a Senior Executive or CEO, you understand the significance of having strong intellectual abilities; however, have you ever considered the impact of your Verbal Quotient (VQ)? A strong VQ is essential for clear, compelling and confident communication. Improving Your VQ by Recognizing ‘Verbal…

Twelve ways to identify dangerous political rhetoric

11 March 2023

Here are twelve ways to identify dangerous political rhetoric which can be used to divide, deride and destroy human rights. This is not a comprehensive list and there are many more examples of language such as this. But as alarmist as this may sound, knowing how to identify the language of authoritarianism is often one…

How to stop speaking with a lisp

20 January 2023

One of the most common issues clients bring to me is speaking with a lisp. Here are a few suggestions on how to first identify why you lisp and then how to stop doing it.

What leaders can learn from people on the front line

14 February 2022

A few minutes of listening can generate thousands of hours of results.

Three Ways to Tactfully Deal with a Gossip

11 February 2022

Gossip can ruin relationships, cripple careers and finish friendships.

How to Practice a PowerPoint Presentation like a Pro

9 February 2022

Need to use PowerPoint in a presentation or speech and worried about losing your place or skipping a slide or two?

Communicating the Botox Problem of Virtual Reality

21 January 2022

Virtual Reality has a problem which no-one can see and that’s a little weird for a technology based around sight.