How to stop speaking with a lisp

20 January 2023

One of the most common issues clients bring to me is speaking with a lisp. Here are a few suggestions on how to first identify why you lisp and then how to stop doing it.

What leaders can learn from people on the front line

14 February 2022

A few minutes of listening can generate thousands of hours of results.

Three Ways to Tactfully Deal with a Gossip

11 February 2022

Gossip can ruin relationships, cripple careers and finish friendships.

How to Practice a PowerPoint Presentation like a Pro

9 February 2022

Need to use PowerPoint in a presentation or speech and worried about losing your place or skipping a slide or two?

Communicating the Botox Problem of Virtual Reality

21 January 2022

Virtual Reality has a problem which no-one can see and that’s a little weird for a technology based around sight.