Navigating Difficult Questions: A Politician’s Playbook for CEOs and Executives

4 June 2023

Although it’s often better to answer difficult questions head on, sometimes you need to stall for time. Politicians are experts at dodging difficult questions and that’s why The Politician’s Playbook, if wielded judiciously and ethically, can be a powerful tool in your arsenal towards avoiding embarrassment before your peers. Sailing Against Stormy Seas Picture yourself…

The Cultish Practices of ‘Breathwork’

3 May 2023

There are a growing number of tutors who claim they can teach you how to cure cancer by changing how you breathe. Are you as concerned as I was at learning that? If so, read on to learn how common breathing techniques are being misused by some to push anxious and ill people deeper down a sales…

The Many Myths About Your Voice

30 April 2023

The voice and speech coaching industry, like all others, has its share of myths surrounding the voice and how to improve it. Here are some common misconceptions and the facts behind each myth: Myth: Certain foods, drinks or pastilles can ‘heal’, ‘improve’ or ‘protect’ the vocal cords. Fact: While maintaining good overall health and hydration…

Why you don’t need a radio voice to speak well

16 April 2023

Imagine for a moment you had a grand piano in your living room. Looking upon it you see your smiling face reflected in its deep black lacquer and finest French polish. The keys are porcelain white and its castors are rolled with gold. It sits there as the centrepiece of your room. Approaching it, you…

How to Tell a Story

3 April 2023

Telling a story for business and pleasure is far easier than most people realise. Here are three ways to improve your telling of tall tales for persuasion, entertainment and enterprise.

You’ve heard of IQ, but what’s your VQ?

17 March 2023

As an Executive or CEO, you understand the significance of having strong intellectual abilities; however, have you ever considered the impact of your Verbal Quotient (VQ)?

Twelve ways to identify dangerous political rhetoric

11 March 2023

In the wrong hands, political rhetoric becomes a weapon, a tool of oppression and a divisive wedge wielded with merciless precision. You must always be vigilant to recognise the insidious tactics employed by those who would use our language to deceive and manipulate ourselves and others.

How to stop speaking with a lisp

20 January 2023

One of the most common issues clients bring to me is speaking with a lisp. Here are a few suggestions on how to first identify why you lisp and then how to stop doing it.

What leaders can learn from people on the front line

14 February 2022

A few minutes of listening can generate thousands of hours of results.

Three Ways to Tactfully Deal with a Gossip

11 February 2022

Gossip can ruin relationships, cripple careers and finish friendships.