How to Practice a PowerPoint Presentation like a Pro

9 February 2022

Need to use PowerPoint in a presentation or speech and worried about losing your place or skipping a slide or two? Here’s three useful tips:

1. Change the room: Your visual senses are always on high alert for changes. Insert an occasional black-background slide to contrast with your white-background slides and it’ll slightly darken then room reminding you where you are.

2. Use your tactile senses: Your tactile memory is surprisingly strong. Add an extra hidden animation prior to a vitally important slide, that way you’ll have to press your clicker twice to transition to the next slide. Your mind might wander, but your fingers are liable to stay on course after practice.

3. Listen to a recording: Your auditory memory is also surprisingly influential. Record yourself saying the headings of your presentation and then add a 30 second pause for you to fill in the gaps during your practice. It’ll also help you keep your message concise.