How to Speak like William Gladstone

10 July 2023

What could you learn from one of the most influential politicians of history?

Despite his less-than-PR-friendly stare, William Ewart Gladstone was elected Prime Minister four times during a political career which stretched across six decades. His legacy is that of a figurehead of eloquence, an unwavering spirit and above all, an influential leader.

A staunch advocate of advancing the rights of the common person, he managed to bring forward enormous social change despite being a thorn in the side of the aristocracy.

Here are six lessons on communication skills from Gladstone’s biography which are as relevant today as they were during his time in office.

1. Use plain language and always prefer a simpler word.

2. Speak in short sentences.

3. Be distinct in your diction.

4. Test and question your own arguments beforehand, rather than waiting for a critic or opponent to attack them.

5. Seek thorough understanding of your subject and rely upon these to give you the right words.

6. To influence an audience you must first plan your message and then tailor it to their reactions.

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