How to Speak like William Gladstone

10 July 2023

What could you learn from one of the most influential politicians of history? Despite his less-than-PR-friendly stare, William Ewart Gladstone was elected Prime Minister four times during a political career which stretched across six decades. His legacy is that of a figurehead of eloquence, an unwavering spirit and above all, an influential leader. A staunch…

The Cultish Practices of ‘Breathwork’

3 May 2023

There are a growing number of tutors who claim they can teach you how to cure cancer by changing how you breathe. Are you as concerned as I was at learning that? If so, read on to learn how common breathing techniques are being misused by some to push anxious and ill people deeper down a sales…

How to Tell a Story

3 April 2023

Telling a story for business and pleasure is far easier than most people realise. Here are three ways to improve your telling of tall tales for persuasion, entertainment and enterprise.